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"We'll Do Whatever It Takes!"

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About Us

Lorain Ruled Die Products was founded in 1995 by Roger Galippo and Bruno Nieves in Lorain Ohio. Since the first day of business we've maintained a few core principles that have helped us achieve success and become one of the leading die shops in northeast Ohio.

  • Let our reputation in the industry be the key selling point for our business.

        Over the years we've relied on our good customer relations to be the key selling point to our business. Unlike much of our competition, we don't rely on a sales force to bring in the work.  We've learned over the years that if we treat our customers fairly and with respect they will become our biggest asset.

  • Meet or exceed our customers expectations

We realized right from the beginning the importance of not only supplying a customer with the proper tooling but to make sure it was delivered on time. In todays fast paced world expediting is critical. We understand your customers needs and requirements and will do whatever it takes to insure on time delivery.

  • "We'll Do Whatever it Takes!"

When we first started Lorain Die in 1995 we realized there was a demand for a die shop that would do "Whatever it Takes! Not only to earn and maintain our customers business, but to help them exceed the expectations of their customers needs as well. We're here to help design tooling for those tough jobs that no one else can cut. We keep our overhead low to enable us to work with our customers to help keep tooling costs to a minimum. We're willing to "go the extra mile" to insure your product is delivered before you need it. When we say "We'll do Whatever it Takes, we mean it.


The Customer

The customer is the most important person in any business

The customer is not dependent on us....We are dependent on them.

The customer is not an interruption of our work...they are the purpose of it.

The customer does us a favor when they come in...we aren't doing them a favor by waiting on them.

The customer is part of our business...not an outsider.

The customer is not just money in the cash register...they are a human being with feelings like our own.

The customer is a person who comes to us with needs and wants...it is our job to fill them.

The customer deserves the most courteous attention we can give them.

They are the life blood of this and every business...without them we close our doors.
Don't ever forget that!



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